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Huntington's disease

Review: Do you really want to know?

‘Do you really want to know?’ is a documentary by John Zaritsky about genetic testing for Huntington’s disease. It follows people who have each gone through the genetic testing process. The documentary gives you an open look into the impact Huntington’s has had on these people’s lives and what the test, negative or positive, has meant for them.

Review: The Inheritance Documentary

‘The Inheritance’ is a documentary which follows Bridget Lyon and her family through their journey with Huntington’s disease. We trace their family line from an insane asylum in Aberdeenshire to the shores of Wellington. This journey, which takes us forward hundreds of years, brings us to Bridget’s mother, Judy, who is living through the final phase of the disease. This isn’t a story of acceptance or overcoming, it’s a story about love and family and how you fight to keep them in the face of a disease like Huntington’s.